Our story


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and introduce our customers to healthier and more wholesome frozen desserts.

With our extensive 500+ flavors in rotation for our frozen desserts, Heaven Creamery wants to remind the world of how delicious frozen desserts can be when it’s home-made, when it’s made with only natural and wholesome ingredients, and when you don’t use processed sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors, additives or ice-cream fillers.

“There’s magic when you love what you do and you don’t cut corners to cut costs.” – Martha Trillo, Owner. Since we love what we do and have been doing it for decades, there is no reason for us to not want to keep our quality in a top tier state at all times.

Martha Trillo, CEO, opened her first ice cream shop in Denver back in 2008. Her success with the latino community and American community increased every month. Due to personal reasons, she had to close only a two years after even with lines out the door. Martha kept her spirit whole even after focusing on a different profession for the years to come. In 2014, she opened “KIWI International Delights & Coffee Co” in Avon Colorado soon after the summer of 2015. With her success in such a small town, she decided to expand.

After moving to Denver, Martha and her team opened their first store named “Heaven Creamery” early 2020 in Centennial Colorado, at the streets at SouthGlenn. The recipes stayed the same as their shop in Avon, the business just had a re-brand. The love and success was impeccable that opening more shops in Denver was a no brainer. After viral success online in summer 2020, Heaven gained notoriety with the Millennial and Gen Z crowd. Heaven’s second location opened in May 15th, 2021 in Cherry Creek North. Heaven’s 3rd location will be open for business in July, in RiNo, Denver.

Proven facts


  • Our gelato, ice cream and sorbet is made with 70% less sugar than traditional ice cream.
  • We do not use processed white sugar on any fruit pop, ice cream, gelato, vegan gelato or sorbet.
  • We use agave, stevia, monk sugar, cane sugar and/or honey as sweetener for our fruit pops, ice cream, gelato, vegan gelato or sorbet.
  • We have over 500 home-made flavors in rotation.
  • We have over 18+ vegan flavors in display at all times, just as many as our cow-based flavors.
  • Our ice cream, gelato, vegan gelato and sorbet has 50% less calories than traditional ice cream.

What’s the difference between Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbet?


  • Ice Cream is made with our homemade cream base.
  • Gelato is made with milk.
  • Vegan gelato is made with coconut milk, oat milk or almond milk.
  • Sorbet is made with water.